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“Absheron” gastrointestinal sanatorium

In Azerbaijan, holiday season lasts all the year round. Azerbaijan possesses rich and, in some respects, unique recreational resources. The remarkable nature of mountainous and foothill areas, treasured balneological resources, curative muds, amazing beauty of mountain lakes, waterfalls and sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea, vineyards and fig gardens of Absheron as well as abundance of sunshine create favorable conditions for a year-round recreation and therapeutic treatment.

“Absheron” gastrointestinal sanatorium is situated just 35 km away from Baku (capital of Azerbaijan), in an exurban village called Mardakan, which, in its turn, lies on the coast of Absheron peninsula.

Everyone has heard of golden sands of Varna, beaches of Sochi, Crimean air and bright sun of Anapa at least once. But these vital natural properties are all found in Mardakan, one of the best resorts of the Absheron peninsula. Golden quartz sand, the highest number of sunny days in a year, caressing warmth of Caspian waves and UV rays-rich sun are the distinctive features of the mentioned Absheron resort.

Early information on medicinal properties of Mardakan’s climate and natural sources date back to hoary antiquity. People have been travelling here for a cure for over 100 years. Even the air, abundant with various salts and bromine and iodine ions, possesses certain vital properties. But what about seawater? Remarkably, in Mardakan water temperature for May reaches solid 19oC, rising up to 27oC in August and remaining around 18,5oC by October (!). Surrounded by gardens and parks, this resort town attracts people from all over the country. Thousands of people have improved their health, recuperated and gained some vital energy by taking a therapeutic programme in Mardakan.

The combination of therapeutic and climatic factors, as well as “Sirab” (lit. arcane water), often prescribed by local doctors, makes Mardakan an ideal resort for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. Air, sun and sea baths will remain in the memories of visitors and will stimulate soonest recovery of patients.

Most of Mardakan’s territory is occupied by grape gardens, figs and mulberries. Here, grapes and figs have a very valuable nutritional qualities, so that they are frequently recommended qua a part of dietary treatment.

That is why “Absheron”, a sanatorium located in a wonderful village of Mardakan, has become that popular.

Upon arrival, patients are carefully examined by experienced doctors. In 18 days, they are subject to constant and close medical supervision. Moreover, cozy residential buildings memorable for the application of national architectural elements alongside with contemporary ones, as well as shadowy alleys and large park are perfectly organized to meet the needs and wants of visitors.

General ambiance dominating in the sanatorium can be merely described as a homely, cozy and soothing one. Withal, patients undergo a range of recreational activities.

From doctors’ point of view, comfortable furniture, vividly colored carpets, wide hallways and corridors – in short, aesthetics and harmony also have some healing effects on human beings.

The sanatorium offers natural iodine-bromine baths and naftalan oil/paraffin/natural mud therapies. It also has clinical diagnostic and biochemical laboratories, specialized medical cabinets, as well as services of functional diagnostics, physiotherapy, and massage.

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